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First Zamperla Motocoaster for Darien Lake!
Auteur: Nico Reynders @ 15 Jan 08

After Vekoma's Motorbike coaster, the Italian company Zamperla presented their version of this thrilling concept: the MotoCoaster. This familycoaster offers great excitement on a small footprint.

Based on the excitement of the motorbike sport, the engineers created a solution to simulate the breath-taking experience of this legendary sport. Seated two abreast on their own motorbike, racers are treated to an exhilarating launch from 0 - 65 km/h in less than 2 seconds! This launch is achieved by means of a flywheel and clutch launch system, proven in the industry for over 30 years. 

With the race in full gear, trains navigate an ascending banked turn to a height of over 13m before racing to the finish line through a series of exciting 60 degree banked turns and figure-8 maneuvers, all simulating a real Motorbike race! The Zamperla's MotoCoaster's two trains can each accommodate up to 12 riders in an innovative pedestal seating design maximizing safety, comfort, and rider freedom. The trains take racers along a 364m long track, with a minimal footprint of 49m x 21m. 
A compressor unit of 22kW is used. The totally installed power for this attraction is 100kW, where the lights package is not considered.

According to screamscape, Darien Lake’s new coaster is actually the prototype coaster that has been set up for some time outside the Zamperla factory in Italy but will now be shipped off to Darien Lake. It features a launch of 0-38mph in less than three seconds, several spirals and stands 44 feet tall.



Ride facts sheet

  Project name:  Motocoaster
  Type: Steel - sit down
  Manufacturer:  Antonio Zamperla S.P.A.
  Designer:  Ing. Buro Stegel gmbH
  Total length:  364 m
  Launch length:  30 m 
  Max track height:  13 m
  Max speed:  65 km/h
  N° of trains: 2
  N° of vehicles per train 6
  N° of visitors per train:  12


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